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Study, Work, Live in Europe

With more than 3,000 higher education institutes and colleges, Europe has now become one of the preferable study destinations for international students. Europe has conquered a great reputation in terms of quality and affordable education. Apart from this, it is a rich continent with huge cultural diversity and numerous tourist sites to visit. Most of the employers worldwide actively value an international study experience thus the trend of studying abroad is flourishing nowadays.

Being a nation with 26 Schengen countries, Europe Study Visa permits you to travel any of the schenegn country without any official formalities. Aside from having world-class education system and high standards of living, Europe always welcomes international students to pursue their higher education at nominal tuition fees in amiable living environment.

Student Visa in Europe

For many countries in Europe, Schengen Visa is an option if students are looking for short term courses. For the courses longer than three months, most countries have requirements for a student visa for Indian students. One needs to apply for the visa in many countries three months before the intake, as the process is somewhat time-consuming. Indian students are advised to apply for the visa as soon as they receive the confirmation of application from the university they have applied to. Read More: Student Visa in Europe

Why Study In Europe?

  • Europe has gradually become the favorite destination to the international student
  • The excellent infrastructure of education attracts everyone to study here
  • The well-equipped library helps the students to enrich their knowledge level.
  • Here, you can get the facility of English medium teaching for study
  • You do not have to pay money for choosing your medium of instruction
  • The standard of education is very high here
  • The well equipped practical classes help you in developing your practical skills
  • The course of study is cheaper in comparison with the other counties
  • You do not have to pay a donation for getting admission here
  • There is a facility of direct access
  • There are to-notch universities in this countries
  • Her, you will get the chance for working under the guidance of renowned academicians
  • Some universities offer job placement facility to the students
  • The living cost is lower here
  • The Indian student will get Indian food here
  • The candidates are given the hostel facility
  • The duration of courses is not so long here
  • All the universities accredited by reputed bodies.

Though not a part of the European Union anymore, UK is still one of the most preferred studies abroad destinations for Indian Students